Mark Quartermain

Product Manager

What I do at Magnetic Rock

Responsible for the strategy of the product: from discovery through to delivery. I am the expert on the product, the customers and the problems that are being solved. My role is to coordinate everyone, get decisions made and produce products that customers want to use. I work with everyone in the business and also regularly engage with customers to understand them well. 

Why Magnetic Rock

Magnetic Rock is something special. Really special. All the freedom, excitement and agility of a small company but with the security of being part of something much larger. The mission (to upskill humanity) is genuine and inspiring. The culture and the people who bring it to life are fantastic. To top it all off we work in on of the most exciting and dynamic spaces out there - cyber security.

5 stars - Highly Recommended!

Who am I?

I transitioned to a career in the digital space after a stint in the armed forces and a successful career as a primary school teacher. The eclectic set of skills and experiences lined me up for a Product role with a major retailer where I took an idea to full maturity: breaking a few UK records and making International headlines along the way. From there, I moved to Public Sector and coached all things agile whilst re-inventing the way customer interaction was done in more traditional environments. After that, I moved up North, went back to building product - this time a multi-award winning flagship product that kept people connected during COVID pandemic.

Advice for prospective candidates

Don't be put off by the smaller size. There is absolute security as the company is part of a much larger family of companies. That means not only job security but we also have a much bigger team of expertise around us to help answer questions and solve problems.

The remote first thing may not seem like its everyone's cup of tea but it has some major advantages. It makes the work life balance much easier and you can setup the working environment exactly how you want it. If, like me, you are a people person, you'll be pleased to know that we do get together every quarter.

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